Game Play

Secret of Amma is an action platformer game that takes place on the fictional world of Amma. Heavily inspired by African art and mythology, players control a character known as Ogun, a mysterious man protecting a strange world from alien invaders and their planet eating space ship called the Orb. Scattered throughout the game are items that enhance weapons and grant special abilities that allow Ogun to unlock and explore the open ended world of Amma.

Experience open world gameplay similar to those classic Metroidvanias you know and love!



A fallen god from a time long forgotten, he makes use of ancient items and alien weaponry to deal with the extraterrestrial menace. Only time will tell how and when his true power will be revealed.

Kushoto People

Scattered about are the weakened remnants of a people that once dominated the landscape with their vast cities and powerful magics.

Shetani Aliens

An alien invasion force bent on draining the world of its resources. Abstract biomechanical machines, they are named after the cursed shape-shifting demons of folklore and legend.

Alien Models